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Police Vehicle Graphics: Types, Designs, and Purpose

The image your law enforcement fleet vehicles present has a direct impact on an officer’s immediate ability to protect the public while upholding the law. As anyone who works in law enforcement will tell you, public awareness and safety, along with officer safety, are of utmost importance.

With the help of police vehicle graphics, your law enforcement fleet is easily identifiable. Not only does this help direct the public to the help they are looking for, but it will also keep your officers safer. 

At the same time, police vehicle graphics denote helpful information, including the vehicle number, 911, and other contact information. When you work with a graphic design company that has experience working with police vehicles, you can be sure you are getting a design that is not only aesthetically sound, but that also displays important information.

Today, we are going to tell you about the top police vehicle graphics designs, as well as more specific information about their importance. By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of the options available to you for your own fleet. 

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Primary Police Vehicle Graphics Designs 

police vehicle graphics design

There are some pieces of information that must be displayed on a police vehicle, while other graphic elements are optional or for aesthetic purposes. 

Here are the six top designs you see on most police vehicles in the United States. 

Black and white

When most people see a black and white vehicle, they automatically assume it’s a police vehicle. These colors are an important tool for identifying police vehicles. When you are having police vehicle graphics designed for your fleet, the black and white elements will be an important part of the design. Black and white provide a stark contrast and this helps make these vehicles more visible, even in poor conditions. This helps keep police safe in many ways, particularly when they are pulled over on the side of the road and vehicles are quickly passing by.

Black and white aren’t the only color options for police vehicles, however. It isn’t uncommon to see single color vehicles in black, white, blue, or brown as well. 

Authority name

Perhaps the most important piece of information on a police vehicle is the word “Police.” With this word clearly displayed, community police presence is increased and vehicles are more easily identifiable by the public. 

Jurisdiction name

Marked police vehicles also need to include their jurisdiction name. This could be a town, city, or county, and it is often displayed above, below, or alongside the word “police.” 

Authority symbol

police authority symbol

An authority symbol, typically a badge, star, or shield, is another important type of police car graphics. People around the world recognize these symbols as denoting the presence of a particular authority. In this case, that is the police. 

Vehicle ID number

Another critical police car graphic design is the vehicle identification number. This number is important for many reasons. Police vehicles are responsible for storing, collecting, and sharing a lot of data in conjunction with the associated radio identification number. Without proper identification, this information can get lost in the shuffle.

It’s also important for the public to have a record of the police vehicle number after an interaction with the police. This number is often listed on the front, top, or sides of the vehicle. 

Motto, values, etc.

It isn’t uncommon to see police vehicle graphics for a police force’s motto or their values. This can be an aesthetic option, but also a point of pride. In the United States, every police department is its own entity, and this means it can have its own motto or values.

Mottos and values are not a requirement, however. But if a department does have them, they often want to display them on their police vehicles. In addition to mottos and values, police vehicle graphics display other pieces of information, including non-emergency contact information and 911. 

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What Is the Purpose of Police Vehicle Graphics?

There are no federal guidelines for the requirements for marked and unmarked vehicles, so each state sets its own. Depending on where you live, police vehicles may be required to display certain pieces of information. 

In addition to complying with state laws, there are several other important reasons to use police vehicle graphics for displaying certain information. 

  • It’s important for a marked police vehicle to be attention-grabbing. That way, people know where to look for help. At the same time, it keeps officers safer on the road. When an officer pulls over, their vehicle needs to grab the attention of other drivers to prevent accidents. The visible presence of police vehicles is also helpful for creating a sense of calm and security. 
  • At the same time, police vehicles can include emergency numbers for the public to call. And this isn’t just 911. It can also include non-emergency information that’s helpful for the public. 
  • It’s also important for police vehicles to display identifying information. Police vehicle graphics happen to be the best way to do that! This information can be displayed in any size, and in a variety of styles so there’s something for everyone to choose from. 
  • Finally, police vehicle graphics also serve another important purpose: they protect your vehicle! With vinyl graphics wrapped on your vehicle, they are more resistant to scratches and dents. Not only does this keep your fleet looking good, but it also extends the lifespan of these vehicles. Depending on the material your graphics are made of, they can even withstand a number of extreme conditions. 

Police Vehicle Graphics from Graphic Designs International

If you are you interested in exploring police vehicle graphics options for your fleet, you’re in the right place. Graphic Designs International is the only nationwide fleet graphics company with a dedication to police, sheriff, fire rescue, security, and the public safety community. We help your department get the look you want that fits your budget. From chevron bumpers to police decals and more, we have everything you need. 

We are proud to serve those who protect us, and we look forward to helping you keep your fleet beautiful for many years to come! Contact us today for a quote. 


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