How Custom Security Vehicle Decals are Designed and Made

How Custom Security Vehicle Decals are Designed and Made

Security vehicles play a powerful role in keeping public spaces and businesses safe, along with protecting the people who visit them. In fact, the mere presence of a security vehicle can be enough to ward off would-be criminals. At the same time, the presence of security vehicles offers a lot of peace of mind to the public. But without the right custom security vehicle decals, your vehicles might not be as visible or effective as they could be.

How Custom Security Vehicle Decals are Designed and Made

That’s why, today, we’re going to tell you all about the design and creation process for custom security vehicle decals. This includes offering up plenty of information about choosing the best designs for your fleet. So, let’s get started! 

Your First Steps

To begin, you’ll want to decide exactly what information to display on your security vehicles.

In most cases, this includes:

  • The word “Security”
    The name of the security company
  • A vehicle identification number
  • A contact number for the security company
  • The security company’s badge or logo
  • An email address for the security company

What’s Next? 

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Once you’ve nailed down the specific information that will be shown on your vehicle, it’s time to think about the aesthetic elements of the graphics. For starters, this includes the colors of the decals, as well as the fonts you will use, the font size, and whether you choose reflective or non-reflective materials. 

Typically, most security companies want their fleets to be highly visible. This enhances the effect the presence of a security vehicle can have right off the bat! 

As for materials, here are the options you will typically have to choose from:

  • Reflective 3M Scotchlite: This material comes with a number of benefits. They include enhancing visibility while still remaining flat. Additionally, no edge sealing is necessary, and the application is straightforward.
  • Reflective 3M™ Diamond Grade: This material requires edge sealing. However, it does offer more reflective qualities than other materials used for custom security vehicle decals. 
  • Non-reflective ORACAL: This is another material option that doesn’t need edge sealing.

The Design Process

So, you’ve decided on the information you want on your custom security vehicle decals as well as the material for your fleet. Now it’s time to hand things over to the design team at Graphic Designs International! They’ll begin working with all of this information to create what’s known as a color rendering layout. This step really helps you visualize what the final result will look like. At the same time, it allows you to make any final adjustments or changes before your designs are printed. 

Now it’s time to move on to final graphic approval! Here is where you can sign off on the design and the fabrication of your decals begins. 

How are Vehicle Graphics Fabricated?

ink printing press digital

So, your final designs are ready and now it’s time to start printing! Your vinyl vehicle wraps print on special printers meant just for this job. Then, they can be cut to shape according to the specifications of your vehicle. In some cases, your wrap might be meant to wrap the entire vehicle. This is a ‘full wrap’. With security vehicles, partial wraps are more common. In that case, just certain parts of the vehicle have been wrapped. 

Your graphics have a high-quality, durable adhesive backing so they can be stuck to your vehicle— this gives you the confidence they’ll stay where they are. This durability has a number of advantages. Not only can you be sure it will stay in place, but it also offers additional protection for your vehicle.

It’s not news to you how much time your fleet spends braving the elements. Your vehicles operate during rain, snow, or sunshine. And each of these elements (and more) ultimately take a toll on the vehicle’s exterior. Luckily, vinyl wrapping adds some protection from these things. They can help defend your vehicles against the wind, rain, and UV damage. Ultimately, they help contribute to the longevity of your vehicle rather than damaging your fleet!

Important Considerations for Custom Security Vehicle Decals

Although security vehicles can look a lot like police or sheriff vehicles, it’s important to ensure the public doesn’t confuse these vehicles with those services. 

For that reason, one of the most important considerations for your custom security vehicle decals is making sure the word “security” is on prominent display. That way, the public will understand they’re there for security purposes, but they will need to contact emergency services for police, sheriff, or fire rescue services.

Common Questions about Custom Security Vehicle Decals

Do you have more questions about custom security vehicle decals? You might find the answers right here:

What if my vehicle wrapping is damaged?

Your custom security vehicle decals from Graphic Designs International are built to last. But depending on what your vehicle faces on the job and how long the decals have been on the vehicle, there is a chance they can sustain damage. Whether it’s a small scratch or a bigger issue can affect how it’s fixed. 

For small blemishes on the vinyl wrapping caused by minor car accidents, this can usually be corrected without redoing the entire vehicle. In the case of extensive vinyl damage along with damage to your actual vehicle? This means the wrapping will often need to be removed, to begin with. Then, the underlying vehicle damage can be corrected before applying new vinyl wrapping or decals. 

How do I prepare my vehicles for wrapping?

Custom security vehicle decals should be applied to clean vehicles in good condition. For example, if your vehicle is rusting or corroding, adding decals or wrapping over these spots isn’t a good idea. 

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