Quick Guide To Police Car Decals Variation

Quick Guide To Police Car Decals Variation

What are your options when it comes to police car decals? Should you stick with vibrant, colorful decals? Or are matte black and white decals better? What about the size and shape of your decals? There are so many options to take into account. But the good news is, almost anything is possible when it comes to police car decals variation!

This is particularly true when you work with Graphic Designs International for your emergency vehicle decals. Although today’s post is focusing on police car decals, we work with emergency vehicles of all kinds. This includes ambulances, fire trucks, and security vehicles.

Quick Guide To Police Car Decals Variation

But for now, back to the police car decals variation! We’re going to discuss the options available to you when it comes to four characteristics of your police vehicle decals: color, size, shape, and the content displayed on the decals.

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Some police vehicles require bright, vibrant graphics. Many departments choose highly contrasting colors to ensure their vehicles are highly visible. This helps keep their officers safe, while also making it easier for the public to identify sources of help. 

However, there are also certain scenarios when less conspicuous decal coloring is ideal. For example, if your fleet includes ghost vehicles. In this case, you may want the most subtle, least contrasting decals available. That way, the decals don’t bring any additional attention to your vehicle. That being said, if someone is standing beside the vehicle, they can still get the important information they need, including the vehicle identification number. 

Your options are limitless! That being said, there are certain colors that are more commonly used for police vehicles, including black, blue, and red decals. If you’re not sure which colors would suit your fleet best, we are happy to help. Our team has seen and done it all. We’ll be happy to share our wealth of knowledge with you to ensure you explore all of your options when it comes to coloring and police car deals variation. 


Next, let’s discuss the size of police vehicle decals and what kind of options you have to choose from. A lot of this will come down to the size and type of vehicle the decals are going on. On standard sedans, individual decals are a more common choice than full-body wraps. Another option is partial wraps that cover certain sides of the vehicle without wrapping all the way around.

Police departments with large trucks or vans may opt for wraps rather than decals if there’s more surface area to cover. These aren’t ideal, however, if the vehicle doesn’t have a smooth surface for the wrap to adhere to. Vehicle wraps are more suited to vehicles with plenty of flat, smooth surfaces. Otherwise, the lifespan and integrity of your police vehicle decals will be compromised.

If you’re struggling to decide between custom graphics or a full vehicle wrap, we’ve got you covered! Take a look at this post for more information to help you decide: IS POLICE CAR WRAP OR CUSTOM GRAPHICS DESIGN BETTER FOR MY VEHICLES?

Many departments also choose to get decals in different sizes—this is the beauty of police vehicle decals variation! For example, your department’s badge may be the biggest decal on the side of the vehicle, along with the word “Police.” Then, other information, including the vehicle number, may be displayed on the back of the vehicle with a smaller decal. 


Now that we’ve discussed the colors and sizes of police vehicle decals, let’s move on to the shapes of the decals and what options are available to you. This largely depends on the type of information or content in the decal. For example, a police badge can be cut to the exact shape you’d like. Additionally, different font sizes and shapes can be used to get the look you want for your fleet.

While you’re considering police vehicle decals variation, you might have sheriff vehicles specifically in mind. These vehicles often have badges, stars, or shields in a variety of shapes along with several other decals with other pieces of information. In this post, we cover some of your most important considerations for selecting sheriff vehicle graphics


The color, size, and shape of your decals are important…but it all comes down to the content displayed on these decals! By that, we mean things like the name of your city in which the department operates, emergency phone numbers, vehicle numbers, mottos, badges, and more. 

Because there are no federal guidelines for the requirements for marked and unmarked vehicles, each state sets its own and can decide what information must be shown on a police vehicle. Depending on where you live, police vehicles may be required to display certain pieces of information, including:

  • Authority symbol
  • Jurisdiction name
  • Vehicle ID number
  • Motto
  • Values
  • Contact information

It’s important to consider the content of your police vehicle graphics very carefully. They play an important role in keeping the public safe, properly identifying your officers, and helping the vehicles be as visible as they need to be. Not to mention, the graphics themselves can even help protect your vehicles from dings, dents, and scrapes. 

Do You Have More Questions About Police Car Decals Variation?

Each state has a number of different laws about police vehicle markings. For example, in 2020 in Florida, a bill was passed requiring the removal of official markings before retired police cars are sold. 

But there are also many rules about the markings on a vehicle when they are still in use by a police department. So, while there may be limitless police car decals variations to choose from, this doesn’t mean they will necessarily be legal. Not to mention, they might not be the most aesthetically appealing option for your vehicles.  

With all of that in mind, we know you may still have a number of questions about the best options for your police vehicle decals. Rest assured, we are here to help! 

We offer a number of police vehicles graphics services including:

  • Police kits
  • Custom artwork
  • Chevron bumpers
  • Police decals

Contact us today for a quote for your fleet. 


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