Production Information

Production Type

Graphic Designs International offers multiple production processes to create your fleets’ look. Without being limited to a single production type, you can mix and match to meet your needs.

Digital Printing

Graphic Designs International uses our large format digital printers to apply a design to our pigmented or non pigmented reflective and non reflective vinyls. Our printers can produce a wide pallet of colors that you can choose from for your graphic kits.


arrow Most Flexible

arrow Stunning Original Graphics

arrow UV protectant applied for longer life

image of a digital printing machine
image of a cut & layered vinyl

Cut and Layered Vinyl

Cut vinyl and layered vinyl kits are simple, professional and cost effective. With a long active life graphics produced this way will last and stretch your budget even further. Graphic Designs International also offers multi-stripe roll goods.


arrow Select from any of our pigmented vinyls

arrow Long Active Life

arrow Roll Goods for easy repair

Screen Printed

Long lasting and cost effective in large quantities screen printing might be for you. If your department needs a large quantity of decals or kits that do not require the detail of digital printing then screen printing is what you need.


arrow Longevity

arrow Cost Effective in large quantities

image of a screed printed machine