Custom Artwork Projects


Design Options

Graphic Designs International’s Art Department offers many solutions to meet your artwork needs. From a simple conversion of existing artwork to a complete redesign or recreation of your existing kits, we are here to help!

Design to Final Kit

Graphic Designs International’s Art Department designs custom artwork to translate your vision into reality. We specialize in taking rough ideas or simple drawings and transforming them into professional graphic kits for all the vehicles in your fleet. 


arrow Most Flexible

arrow Stunning Original Graphics

arrow Most control over final design

gdi designed from scratch to the output figure
red and orange fire department logo graphic design

Existing Design

Do you have existing artwork? Did your current graphics supplier discontinue your kit? Graphic Designs International’s Art Department will use your existing art or kits and reproduce them for you.


arrow Your art and colors

arrow Minimal cost

arrow Match your existing fleet