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All products offered by Graphic Designs International come with warranties. These warranties do not exceed published product bulletins from the companies we purchase our products from. Please see links and information below.
All products not meeting published warranties will be addressed on a one on one basis.
Manufacturers will be brought in to determine if the product or the end user is at any fault and will be dealt with accordingly. Applied or unapplied, please call immediately with any issue. All manufacturers of our products want to ensure you are getting top quality materials and will work with you to in determining where the problem lies. Products and Services are not warranted under misuse of products.
Basic warranties include:
Unprinted vinyl: 5 years unless noted. Some vinyl is considered short term and will be noted upon purchase.
Digital or Thermal print graphics: 3 years. In states with excessive sun: 2 years.
(We provide added longevity with a UV protectant on all digital or thermal printed products)
Sign Gold 22 kt gold films: 5 years. Please see product bulletin for care.
Please read all product bulletins on materials to ensure you have chosen the correct materials and processes for your specific needs. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions before placing an order.
Avery Dennsion
Sign Gold
Additional bulletins:
3m fax on demand 800-364-0768
3m Instruction 5.1: Application (Substrate Selection, Prep and Substrate-specific Application techniques). Fax on demand number 7001.
3m Instruction 5.36: Application (Substrate Considerations for Auto Graphics). Fax on demand number 7036.
3m Instruction 5.5: Application (General Procedures for Interior and Exterior Dry Applications). Fax on demand number 7005.
All material types in nature over time will:
Lose its original gloss. (Car washing, sun, acid rain, pollution)
Lose its original color. (Car washing, sun, acid rain, pollution)
Edges begin to peel slightly.
Gouges in material (man made objects)

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